Easy Guide To Expense Reduction For Any Business

Is your health business, practice or pharmacy being squeezed from all directions reducing profit margins and increasing pressure on you and your team, then please check out this guide to helping manage your expenses and reduce your costs - its what we do and this is what we have learned:

Download the free guide here:


What we do for our members:
1) Save them between 5% and 50% on their everyday business expenses like Insurance, Electricity, Merchant Fees, Phones, consumables, office supplies and many more (incl select stock purchases for Pharmacy even if you are part of a brand).
2) Negotiate with suppliers to get better service and cost outcomes.
3) Save time in procurement and save money by leveraging the buying power of over 700 individual businesses

For obligation free expense reviews across any or all categories or to find out more simply email simon@unitedhealthservicesaustralia.com or call 0414 342 643 - Its so simple and will add profit to your bottom line and free up your time and that of your team.

7th Jun 2022 Simon Strong

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